2023 Team Series Rules
 2023 Team Series Rules

 1. RULES & CHANGES:  All decisions made by the tournament director. The tournament director can make a change at her discretion or when the safety of anglers is in question. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament director. It is the right of Tournament Director to refuse entry with probable cause. Any vessel or equipment is subject to inspection by the tournament director or designee. 

2. PARTICIPANTS & ELIGIBILITY:  This is an open tournament. Participation in each event is open to all. A legal guardian must sign a waiver for any contestant under the age of 18. No one other than paid contestants or immediate live in family members are allowed in the boat during official practice.  Only ONE alternate allowed to fish a tournament in case one of the regular team members can not make a tournament You must have a valid fishing license during tournament....D/Q. 

3. REGISTRATION, ENTRY FEES & PAYBACK:  Please Note at first 2023 AQ tournament entered, you must provide a completed entry form with signature. A/Q will keep entry form on file and you may then sign up over the phone or e-mail for the next tournament. On tournament mornings, for all events, you may register at the weigh site beginning at 5:00 a.m. Pre-registration may be done by mailing entry form with payment to 23855 Stanart Rd, Porter, Tx. 77365 (must be recieved prior to tournament date) or with credit card by calling 281-852-8842. The entry fee for Anglers Quest Saturday Team Series events will be $200.00 **Exception Lake Livingston entry fee will now be 150.00 per team*** plus a ONE time $40.00 membership fee per each team member due at the first tournament of the year fished. Credit Card entry will be an additional 3.75%.  Anglers Quest trailer will be at Cunninghams Kickapoo Bait & Tackle the night before each Livingston event and Stowaway Marina the night before each Conroe event for early entries or you can enter starting at 5:00 a.m. the morning of the event. Anglers Quest trailer will be at Lake Houston Marina by 5 a.m. on Saturday morning before each Houston event for entry. Payback will be 1 for every 5 paid entries at 85%. (There will be no refunds.) You may be required to fill out a w-9 for tax purposes.

4. SPORTSMANSHIP:  All contestants are expected to practice courtesy, safety and follow local and state game laws. Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship or violating local and state game laws will be…D/Q. 

5. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS:  Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than prescription) during tournament hours will be D/Q. If you feel you may have big bass or your fish may put you in the money, do not consume alcohol or drugs until polygraphs have been determined. NO alcohol or drugs allowed in boat...D/Q. 

6. POLYGRAPH:  Each contestant agrees to submit to a polygraph examination by entering this tournament and must abide by its conclusion. All polygraphs must be passed in order to receive cash or product. If you refuse to take a polygraph at any A/Q event you will be D/Q.  

7. FISHING, TACKLE & EQUIPMENT:  Must be done with artificial lures only. Pork is permitted. Contestants may use only one rod and reel at a time. Each cast must be completely retrieved before using another rod and reel. NO intentional snagging of bass. NO elevated platforms or ladders allowed in boat. Push poles are permitted....D/Q.

8. OFF LIMITS & GUIDES:  No fishing inside any state, federal or lake buoys disallowing entrance to area. Lake Houston Marina buoy line is off limits. Inside Stowaway cove no off limits, just do not block the Gas Pump or Boat Ramp. Kickapoo Bait & Tackle cove inside yellow pier is off limits. Additional off limits could be announced at sign up. The hiring or use of a guide will not be permitted beginning Monday the week of the series events. All Lakes will be off limits for Championship events beginning on Monday through Thursday the week of the Championships. No communication pertaining to fishing is allowed via cell phone or any electronic device during competition for all events....D/Q. 

9. PERMISSIBLE WATERS:  NO fishing is allowed within 25 yards of another contestants boat or 50 yards from anchored contestants boat with trolling motor out of water (permission to one is permission to all). No tube, bank or wade fishing is allowed. No trolling with the combustion engine is allowed. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner during competition hours from tournament waters. Waters fished must be accessible by boat without getting out of boat to gain access. A contestant may not leave boat to retrieve fish from any structure. All Bass at weigh in become property of Anglers Quest to be released at host weigh in site. NO Hole sitting by or for entrants...D/Q.  

10. LATE PENALTY:  You must be at the weigh in tank with your fish in a bag by the weigh in time you were given at take off. If you are late you will be D/Q.. NO TOLERANCE.  

11. BOATS AND MOTORS:  No engine shall exceed the maximum BIA horsepower rating for the boat on which it is used. No Stick Steering, Jet Drives or Air Boats. All boats must have built in aerated live wells....D/Q.  

12. INSURANCE & SAFETY:  Liability insurance is required. Safe boating must be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a fastened (fully zipped and/or all clips fastened) U.S. coast guard approved; personal flotation device anytime the boat is on plane during competition days & official practice. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device which must be securely attached to the driver’s body any time the boat is in on plane operation. Driver & passengers must be seated anytime the combustion engine is running and engaged in gear. During bad weather entrants may leave boat to seek shelter at which time no fishing may occur....D/Q. 

  Will be determined by the total weight of not more than 5 bass in live well per team per day. Ties for cash prizes will be settled (1st by number of fish) or (2nd by combining two cash awards and splitting the total between tied teams). Largemouth bass and Kentucky bass will be counted. The minimum length limit will be 14” measured on a “CHECK-IT STIK” with mouth closed & tail compressed. Except at Conroe where the minimum length is 16". A dead fish penalty of .50 lbs. per fish will be deducted from total weight and Big Bass weight. An team bringing in a short fish will lose entire creels weight. NO CULLING OF DEAD BASS....D/Q.

14. PROTESTS:  All protest must be submitted in writing within 5 minutes of final weigh-in. The decision of the tournament director will be final. NO VERBAL PROTEST...D/Q. 

15. BREAKDOWNS/EMERGENCIES:  In an emergency or major equipment failure, you may hitch a tow from any boat on the water, but may not bring yours or partners’ fish in except in yours or another tournament contestants boat....D/Q.  

16. AWARDS: Those who cannot attend will forfeit any claim to merchandise earned in competition. 

17. TRAILOR TOURNAMENT & TAKE OFF:  Lake Livingston Saturday Team Series events & Championships will be trailoring events in 2023.*** Lake Houston and Lake Conroe team events will be a controled take offs from Lake Houston Marina and Stowaway Marina, as your number is called you are to idle by the tournament director with your live wells open, kill switch attached and life jackets on and fully fastned.*** All boats entered in Livingston events may leave from any launch ramp available to all , proceed to you first fishing spot but do not start fishing until A/Q official start fishing time. If entered in 2 events on same day, you must not start fishing before official AQ start fishing time and be in line with fish in bag by official AQ weigh-in time. It is contestant’s responsibility to know his or her boat number, official AQ start Fishing time and AQ weigh-in time. 

18. SERIES POINTS & CHAMP QUALIFYING:  Each team will receive 2 lbs per tournament entry. Positions will be determined by accumulated pound standings. You and/or your team MUST enter 3 of 6 of any lakes series and be in the top 25 to automatically qualify for that lake series team 2-day Championship OR Win 2 A/Q Saturday Series events in same division. Any team entering all 6 of any series events will qualify for all 3 Lake series 2-day Championships. Each Lakes Championship event will have a $250 entry fee including Big Bass. BB will be paid back 100% to 1or 2 places (split 60%/40% depending on number of entries). All Championships will include a optional Side Pot. Each team must buy in for a minimum of $150.00 to be eligible for Side Pot money; only Side Pot owners will be paid. Pounds gathered from All (6) events will determine “Anglers of the Year”, and will be awarded Free Entries to Series won for 2024***if series carries a minimum 20-boat average per event***.  

19. AOY REQUIREMENTS:  AOY Anglers from 2022 pays a $40.00 membership fee each fisherman and a $5 per event Championship fee in full at first event of the year. AOY event entries are free. 

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